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Due Diligence Module - 1.7.0 Release

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

What's new

Search Bar

A search bar has been added to the homepage.

What's enhanced

Support for KeyCloak Authentication

The Due Diligence module now supports both OpenAM and KeyCloak for user authentication.

Download/Upload Button

Administrations can now enable or disable the report download/upload option through a new toggle.

Spring Framework

The Spring framework has been upgraded to mitigate log4j vulnerability.

Expert Page

Session keep-alive has been added to allow longer timeouts on expert page.


The homepage has been redesigned for an enhanced view of projects. The projects are now displayed in cards with additional metadata, and each section is separated in accordion view.

"New Projects" Page

Project entries are now sorted in alphabetical order on the “New Projects” page, and auto-complete is available.

Support for Expert Users

Support for expert users who are not users of Inova Classic (formerly Inova Partnering Platform) is now available.

What's fixed


Cross-site scripting support has been updated for enhanced security.

Email Template

The hyperlink support on notifications is now fixed, as well as the upload error.

Expert Removal

The error when experts were removed from a functional area is now fixed.

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