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January 23, 2024 Release Digest

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

Delivery time: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m. CET.
Impact: During this maintenance window, Inpart Deal, the Outlook add-in, and the Admin Center will be briefly unavailable.

Version 3.25.0

What's New

Share views of favorite opportunity filters with other Deal users.

The Favorite filters appearing on the homepage, the dashboard page, and the main list of opportunities are now renamed Views. We improved this filtering feature to provide you with more efficient team collaboration and reporting capabilities.

The initial goal of this feature is to help you generate a list of relevant opportunities with key fields in just one click. You can now share these custom filters that you created with other people from your company that are Inpart Deal users.

This improvement offers the following new capabilities:

  • Share views
    You can share views (i.e. filters) you created with the other Manager users of the platform for enhanced teamwork. Click Share view to everyone, the other users will see this view appear on their space after refreshing their page. Shared views are identified in the view navigation bar by the two-people grey icon. Once they've been shared, they can't be "unshared", you can only delete the view for everyone. The other Managers can edit and delete these shared views.

  • Copy view links
    You can also just copy the link to the view and send it to other users (Managers and Contributors), if you want to temporarily share the view and prevent other users from editing or removing this view. Click Copy link (read only), and send this link to the other users who will be able to open it in their own Deal space.

  • Search views
    If you have many saved views, you can easily search them via the new search bar available in the drop-down menu of the new All views button.

  • Bookmark views
    Your favorite views, bookmarked with a yellow star, are now displayed first in the list of saved views for easier access. The default views All opportunities and My opportunities aren't anymore automatically bookmarked at the beginning of the view navigation bar.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This improvement will automatically remove your existing bookmarks to reinitialize the views' order. Please add again these filters you created to the bookmark list by clicking Add to favorites.

Learn more about opportunity and dashboard views.

Add two new fields related to technology assessment to your opportunities

We're making available two new fields related to technology assessment for users with the configurable field option:

  • Therapeutic Area: Applicable therapeutic areas for technology assets.

  • Route of Administration: Applicable routes of administration for technology assets.

Learn more about opportunity configurable fields.

What's Enhanced

Opportunity export

You can now choose to export only the columns (i.e. opportunity fields) that were selected for display on the main list of opportunities for a better-targeted and lighter export. However, you're still able to export all available columns (i.e. opportunity fields) even if they're hidden in the main list of opportunities.

Learn more about opportunity export.

What's Fixed

Export of opportunities

We removed unwanted "Label" titles in the additional fields columns of the Excel export of opportunities.

Learn more about opportunity export.

Lead PDF generation for Deal users connected to Inova Classic

The PDF generated in Inova Classic when pushing an accepted opportunity from Deal was missing some information. Information regarding Consumer Health and Organization opportunity types and the following fields (Priority, Confidence, Origin, Entity, Discovered by, and Discovered on) are now added to the PDF.

Contact details

In the Details section of contact profiles, we fixed an issue where clicking the copy button next to the social media profile (URL) opened the link on a new internet tab instead of copying the link.

Dashboard page

We fixed an issue where the Distribution chart wasn't displaying information when filtered by Asset type.

Workflow stage instruction on the Administration page

We fixed an issue where the Disabled and Display pop-up to confirm stage instructions check-boxes weren't displayed for the newly added stages, in the Workflows tab of the Administration page.

Contributor user creating an opportunity

We fixed an issue impacting the opportunity creation process for Contributor users, related to the selection of the initiative.

Agreements Scope and Details sections display

We fixed a minor display issue impacting the fields of the Scope and Details sections of the Agreements pages.

Mobile version display

We fixed some minor display issues in the mobile version of the application.

Version 1.6.0

What's enhanced

Warning message when trying to upload virus-infected files to Deal via the add-in

When you upload a file to Inpart Deal via the Outlook add-in, we now perform an antivirus check to ensure the platform's security. If the file is infected, the upload won't be processed and an error message will be displayed to warn you about it: Parse failed. A virus was detected in your email.

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