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Inova Next Generation 3.0.1 Release Summary - New User Interface

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

New User Interface

You can now enjoy a sleek and modern application design that will help improve your use of Inova Next Generation. The information and the actions are easier to find and read and the navigation is also more consistent, making it easier for you to achieve your tasks.

How are you impacted?

  • Visually, now the whole application offers a light-blue layout which is more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Technically, the user experience for most of the features remains the same but with the improvements listed below.

Changes Impacting the Whole Application

Overall Design and Consistency

  • Sub-sections of all pages are now clearly identified and separated by light white windows to improve readability and hierarchy of information.

  • We made the messages and behaviors of all functionalities consistent for easier usage of the application. This impacts all the pop-ups (e.g., creating a new record, using the search bars, etc.), pop-ins (e.g., confirmation or error messages), and empty states.

Navigation Bar

  • The menu entries and sections of the navigation bar remain exactly the same, except for the icons that have been replaced to better match each menu entry.

  • The results provided by the quick search bar now display the number of opportunities associated with the company.

  • An option to create contacts has been added to the generic Create button at the bottom of the navigation bar.


  • Simplified Navigation System: A new Back button is now available to easily exit overviews and go back to the full lists for initiatives, opportunities, companies, and contacts.

  • Page Refresh: All pages displaying lists (of opportunities, companies, contacts, fields), now automatically display the newly created records on top of the list. You don't have to refresh the pages to view them anymore. We also added a refresh button at the bottom right of the lists that you can use when you updated records and you want to reapply the filters for instance. You can also refresh your internet tab for the same result.

  • New Quick Access Create Button: A new Create button is now available at the top right of the Initiatives, Opportunities, and Contacts pages, to help you quickly create new records on the fly.

  • Enhanced Filtering System:

    • New Quick Filters: Quick filters have been added to the Dashboard, Initiatives, and Opportunities pages, to help you rapidly reach the information you're most interested in, in addition to the existing filtering system. We added the following filters: All, Recently viewed, and My initiatives on the Initiatives page.

      We added the following filters: All Opportunities, My Opportunities on top of the opportunities lists. We also extracted the Types (i.e. workflow type) and Status from the list of possible filters to make them directly available on top of the lists of opportunities that can be found in various places within the application. When selecting an option on the Types list, another filter with the associated Stages will appear.

    • All Filters Button: The filtering panel (which opens when you click the All filters button on top of the lists of opportunities) is now displayed on the right side of the screen, but the filtering options remain the same. The Apply and Clear all buttons have been moved to the bottom of the filtering panel.

    • Saved Filters: On the Dashboard and Opportunities pages, the Saved filters button is now replaced by direct access to the list of your saved filters, displayed next to the default All Opportunities and My Opportunities labels. If you want to create and save a new filter, select the information you want and apply the filter as usual, and then, click the ellipsis icon next to All Opportunities, and click Save as new filter. The newly created filter will appear next to the All Opportunities and My Opportunities labels. All commands to manage your saved filter will be accessible via the ellipsis icon next to your filter label.

Changes Impacting Specific Parts of the Application


  • My Favorite Filters: The option to display your favorites filters for a specific period of time (e.g., Last 7 days) now applies by default to all the filters displayed on the homepage, instead of being attached to each filter.

  • Tasks and Evaluations: We added four labels at the top of the list of tasks and evaluations to help you quickly see either: all tasks and evaluations (All), only tasks (Tasks), only evaluations (Evaluations), or completed tasks and evaluations (Completed).


  • Search Bar: We moved the search bar (previously available via the filtering panel) directly to the top of the charts to allow you to display the results based on keywords entered.

  • View Results: When clicking the View results button, the list of results (i.e. list of opportunities) now appears directly within the Dashboard page, instead of redirecting you to the Opportunities page. You can then go back to the dashboard view by clicking the View dashboard button.

  • Charts: The Opportunities to qualify and Opportunities charts have been merged and renamed Opportunities pipeline and moved to the top of the page. It now reflects the stages of the selected workflow. The Opportunity Details chart has been renamed Distribution.

  • Export Results: We moved the export button under a drop-down menu to prepare for other upcoming commands that will lay in the same place.


  • Initiative Cards:

    • The initiatives cards are now ordered alphabetically.

    • Each initiative card now displays the asset type of the opportunities contained in it (i.e. Pharma asset, Technology, Organization, Consumer health).

  • Initiative Overview:

    • We enhanced the layout of the initiative overview to help you grasp all the important information at a glance. For that, we got rid of the tab system to display all information in one place. The Description is now a drop-down section to give priority to the list of associated opportunities below it.

    • We added quick accesses to create, export, or import opportunities, on top of the list of opportunities associated with the initiative.


  • Opportunities List:

    • Columns Display: We separated under two different icons the options to select the columns displayed and the number of lines displayed.

    • Column Names: We added more columns available to view - Discovered on (replaces the old Created) and Last updated - and they're now listed in order of display in the opportunity list. All columns can be selected or unselected to be displayed in the opportunity list, except for the Title column which is fixed. The initiative names associated with each opportunity are now only available in their own dedicated column, instead of being mentioned under the opportunity titles. We removed the Links column that wasn't used a lot.

    • Export Option: We moved the export button under a drop-down menu to prepare for other upcoming options that will lay in the same place.

    • Import Option: We visually revamped the whole feature to make it easier to use.

  • Opportunity Overview:

    • Commands Grouping: We regrouped the following commands at the top right of the overview for easy access: manage Access control, Move, Copy, Rename or Delete the initiative under a drop-down menu and Inova Data and Comments under two separate icons. Furthermore, the Inova Data and Comments side panels are now separate and collapsible for a lighter view of the page.

    • Qualification Information: We decided to highlight the qualification information that matters most to you, i.e. Priority and Confidence levels. They now have a dedicated section for quick viewing.

    • Tab system: We renamed, added, and moved around a few tabs. The former Details tab has been renamed Overview, and the Pharma Asset Classification section that was contained in it has been extracted and moved to its own new dedicated tab called Asset. The Attachments tab has been moved to the fourth position and the Publications tab removed, as you can now upload publications directly to the Attachments tab. To do so, click the newly added Add button and select whether you want to attach a file, an email, or a publication. The attached document will then appear in the proper section under Attachments: Files, Emails, or Publications. For files and emails, you can use the drag-and-drop option to save time. In the Contacts tab, we added a filtering function to help you quickly find the contact you're interested in when there are already a lot of contacts linked to the opportunity.

    • Evaluations: The overall functionality of the Evaluation feature remains the same, with the following accommodating improvements. We changed the status name from Open to Ongoing, while Closed remains the same. We added descriptions on top of the main details of the evaluation for a better understanding - Status, Due date, Owned by, About. The comment section is now a fixed section docked to the right of the evaluation, to have quick access to them at anytime. We renamed the Invite button, it's now called Manage participants. To edit the questions, you now need to click the drop-down menu at the top right of the page and select Go to edit mode. Then click Save changes, and Back to evaluation. You can find the options to rename or delete the evaluation under the same drop-down menu. 

      Reminder: The Evaluation feature is available in BETA mode only. If you're interested in having a look at the feature before its official launch, please contact your Inova Customer Success Manager.


  • Company Overview: 

    • Company Details: The company details (formerly Description tab) are now a fixed section docked to the right of the overview and the Opportunities tab now appears first. This way, the list of opportunities associated with the company is the first thing you'll see and the company details are always quickly available to you.

    • List Layout: The Opportunities and Contacts tabs now have the same functionalities as the main Opportunities and Contacts pages. You'll find the same listing layout, filtering options, and commands (except for the export option for opportunities).


  • Contacts List: 

    • Import/Export Option: We moved the import and export options under a drop-down menu next to the Create button at the top right of the page to regroup the commands in one place. 

    • Search Bar and Filters: You can now search contacts via a search bar or filter them based on their information: name, company, job title, associated opportunities, and creation date.

  • Contact Overview: 

    • Edit Contact: We moved the options to edit and delete the contact under a drop-down menu at the top right of the overview to regroup the commands in one place.

Administration Page

  • Navigation: The Administration page now opens in a new internet tab. This will help you navigate from one tab to the other without losing the page you're working on and when you want to compare the fields. Click Return to home to go back to the application's homepage.

  • Inova Data: The fields that are linked to Inova Data are notified by a small database icon. We've added the title From Inova Data to the column that displays this icon to make it more obvious. We also moved the explanation of what's Inova Data directly into the main list of fields and it's now displayed when hovering over the little information point next to From Inova Data.

  • Value Source: In the list of values for each field, we added a Source column to help you easily differentiate whether a value is a default value provided by Inova Data or a custom value created by a user.

Account Page

  • Navigation: The Account page now opens in a new internet tab. This will help you navigate from one tab to the other without losing the page you're working on. Click Return to home to go back to the application's homepage.

  • Profile Tab: We added your user details here: First name, Last name, Title, Email, and Role. It's a good way of quickly checking your user role(s) in case of any doubt for instance. However, these details can only be edited within the Admin Center, by users with a Client Admin role.

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