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February 20, 2024 Release Digest

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

Delivery time: Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m. CET.
Impact: During this maintenance window, Inpart Deal, the Outlook add-in, and the Admin Center will be briefly unavailable.

Version 3.27.0

What's New

Choose the workflow type from the start when creating an opportunity

When you know from the start what kind of workflow (in-licensing, out-licensing, investment, etc.) you want to apply to a new opportunity, you're now able to select it when creating the opportunity, instead of selecting it after the two first qualification stages. This also gives you more visibility on all the stages that apply to your opportunity from the start. Note that the first two qualification stages will remain at the beginning of all workflows.

To implement this new capability, an additional step has been added to the opportunity creation process to select the opportunity type (aka workflow type). This additional step only appears if you're a Manager user and the asset type of the selected initiative offers at least two workflow types.

A user with a Contributor role can't select the opportunity type. If a Contributor user creates a new opportunity, a Manager user can update the opportunity type in the opportunity overview section. Until then, the opportunity type will be marked as To be defined.

This new capability of opportunity workflows brings several improvements to the platform:

  • The quick filters Types and Stages are now grouped under one drop-down list named Type/Stage for a quicker selection. Due to this change, the URL of the pages displaying this filter will evolve. If you previously shared or bookmarked this URL, you will need to share or bookmark it again.

  • On the Dashboard page, the first chart that used to be split between the qualification stages and the later stages of the workflow is now one unique chart displaying the full workflow.

  • On the master list of opportunities, the first column of the Kanban board has been renamed To be defined, instead of To qualify, to inform you that the workflow type needs to be selected for these opportunities.

  • If you have one unique workflow defined for an asset type, this workflow will be automatically applied to all existing opportunities that are currently in the first two qualification stages and all the workflow stages will be displayed. This will save you the unnecessary step of having to select the workflow type in the third stage.

Learn more about workflow and opportunity creation

Add amendments to your agreements

A new Amendments tab is available on agreement pages to save and manage all the amendments impacting your contracts. You will be able to add amendments to the platform starting March 5, 2024.

Learn more about agreements

Deal rebranding alignment and new help center URL

Following our rebranding as Inpart, we're progressively making Deal reflect this new identity. This includes:

  • Replacing former brand names and product names with the new ones: Inova Data becomes Inpart Data, Inova Event becomes Inpart Event, and IN-PART campaigns become Connect Campaigns.

  • Adopting new colors and a new text font.

  • Updating our help center URL. Please note the new URL is

What's Enhanced

Find the right opportunity filters quicker

You can now narrow down the list of relevant filters when selecting a specific asset type. For instance, if you select Pharma asset in the Asset types filter, only the filters related to pharma asset will be displayed, saving you from browsing irrelevant filters.

Filter opportunities by Target disease or condition

The opportunity filter options now include the Target disease or condition option, in the Opportunity details filter section.

Search opportunities by their Source or Codename

You can now search opportunities using the values of the Source and Codename fields.

Navigate more easily between opportunity and agreement side panels and full pages

To facilitate the navigation from the preview side panel of opportunities or agreements and their full page overview, the sub-tab (Overview, Attachments, Tasks, etc) you were in now remains the same, instead of going back automatically to the Overview tab.

Keep your favorite page display options for better navigation

Display options such as the Hide declined toggle or opportunity type selector on the Dashboard page and more display options aren't automatically reset anymore each time you leave the page. This will improve your navigation experience on the platform and save you time in reselecting the display option each time.

What's Fixed

Meeting attendee list

We fixed an issue where the attendee list of meetings could disappear when choose the card view.

User mention in meeting notes

We fixed an issue where users mentioned in meeting notes didn't receive the usual email notification when being mentioned.

Agreements deletion

We fixed an issue impacting the deletion of agreements.

PDF files preview

We fixed an issue impacted the preview of PDF files.

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