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December 12, 2023 Release Digest

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

Delivery time: Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m. CET.
Impact: During this maintenance window, Inpart Deal, Inpart for Outlook add-in, and the Admin Center will be briefly unavailable.

Version 3.23.0

What's New

Add more fields related to technology assessment to your opportunity pages

We're making available eight new fields related to technology assessment for users with the configurable field option:

  • Development risk: Assess the regulatory, quality, process related risk of development.

  • Assessment requirements: Assess the capability of developing the technology.

  • IP Status, rights, ownership: Status of IP rights and ownership.

  • Manufacturing assessment: Assess manufacturing capability.

  • Technology readiness level: Assess the technology readiness level (TRL) along multiple levels.

  • Fit with strategy: Assess the strategic fit of the technology with company goals.

  • Competitive technologies: Assess the level of competing technologies present in the market.

  • Differentiation potential: Assess the differentiation level offered by the technology.

Learn more about opportunity configurable fields.

What's Enhanced

Multiple companies for meetings

You can now add multiple companies to a meeting when creating or editing this meeting. The meeting Excel import also supports this new functionality.

Learn more about how to manage meetings.

Connect Campaigns in Deal

All information delivered with the results of Connect Campaigns in Deal is now displayed in the asset classification fields of the related opportunities: Therapeutic areas, Clinical indications, Pharma asset types, MoAs.

We also import Seeking & IP status fields into two dedicated tags in orange and green, and the Summary tab will now be used to display additional information. The auto-filled data will come exclusively from Connect and no longer from Inpart Data.

Learn more about Connect Campaigns.

Display of the opportunity main list

We added a set of new columns that can be displayed in the main list of opportunities to help you customize this list to your needs: Codename, Target disease, Declined date, Declined reason, On-hold date, On-hold reason, and On-hold reminder.

Stage instructions in opportunity workflows

The text of the stage instruction in opportunity workflows can now be edited with rich-text options to make the instructions clear and well-structured: bold, italic, underlined, bullet list, etc.

Learn more about workflow stage instructions.

Display of the meeting lists

Meetings lists within opportunities, companies, contacts, etc, are now displayed as simple lists instead of meeting cards, like all other lists in Deal, to facilitate navigation. You can open meetings one by one in a side panel as well, to quickly go through them like opportunities.

Display of the contacts' company on opportunity pages

Under the Contacts tab of the opportunity pages, we added a column with the contact's company to better link the information together.

Learn how to manage contacts.

Version 1.5.0

Display of suggested companies

We improved the display of suggested companies to make the navigation within the add-in easier.

Access to the Resource Center

We moved the access to the Resource Center under the add-in settings and we removed the former blue information beacon that could overlap with other elements of the application.

Need help? Visit our help center.

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