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April 16, 2024 Release Digest

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

Delivery time: Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m. CEST.
Impact: During this maintenance window, Inpart Deal, the Outlook add-in, and the Admin Center will be briefly unavailable.

Version 3.31.0

What's new

Sort out agreements more efficiently in the agreements master list with new filtering options and custom views

We added new capabilities to better filter and display information on the agreements master list:

  • Add new columns to display more information about the agreements in the list view: Agreement name, type, status, territories, expiration date, related companies, and more.

  • Apply filters to narrow down the list of agreements. These filters include the agreement’s name, type, status, and expiration date.

  • Create custom views to apply specific filters in one click. We added a default view called Expire soon that helps you display the agreements that require your attention.

  • Use the search bar to search among company name, type, description, and country criteria.

Link agreements together

Agreements can now be linked to each other. Two types of relationships are possible:

  • Related: When two agreements are strongly related and need to be considered together to fully understand the obligations between the partners. This is the case for MSA (Master Service Agreement), for example.

  • For reference: When an agreement could be useful as a reference for another agreement.

New agreements created with a company currently under an MSA will be automatically linked to the existing active MSA (user can decide not to link the existing MSA at the bottom of the creation form).

What's enhanced

Better track changes on description, summary, and note fields of initiatives, opportunities, agreements, and meetings

To allow better tracking and transparency of the changes made in the Description, Summary, and Notes fields of initiatives, opportunities, agreements, and meetings, the date of the last modification and the name of the user who modified the text are now displayed at the top of the field.

Better track opportunity sources when copying opportunities

Ensure better reporting with the Source field of the newly copied opportunity displaying the same value as the original opportunity, instead of displaying "Clone". Additionally, the original opportunity is automatically linked to the newly created opportunity in Related opportunities of the Overview tab.

What's fixed

During meetings import, clicking the import button multiple times no longer creates duplicate meetings.

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