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2023 Q4 Quarterly Round-Up - Webinar Recording

AUTHOR: The Inpart team

Catch up on our latest webinar

Watch the recording here.

We held our fourth Quarterly Round-Up Webinar on December 14, 2023. Thanks to all the Inpart Deal users who participated!

This webinar was about learning best practices for using two of our most recently released features:

  • The first one was the Agreement feature, which helps you keep track of the agreements signed with your partners and get an overview of their collaboration status and terms directly from the related opportunities.

  • The second one was the Additional fields for opportunities that allow you to customize the fields in opportunity pages to record the information that matters to you and fit your processes.

We also gave a sneak peek at what's coming up in the next releases in the coming months: agreement improvements, simplification of the initial stages of the workflow, and more access control features.

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